Atlantic Routes and Roots: The Seventh Biennial Conference of the Defoe Society

The seventh biennial conference of the Defoe Society will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, homeland of the Taíno people and a site of imperial contests reaching from the fifteenth century to the present. Our meeting embraces the fully transatlantic nature of our membership and author with the theme: Atlantic Routes and Roots.

The conference, organized in partnership with the Early Caribbean Society, invites proposals for panels on any topic related to the study of Defoe and his contemporaries, broadly defined as the Restoration period to the mid-eighteenth century; we particularly welcome proposals that underscore our theme through a focus on:

  • transoceanic crossings
  • the Caribbean
  • Circum-Atlantic influences
  • texts and contexts for race, ethnicity, and African-descended and Indigenous peoples

We are thrilled to announce our plenary speakers:

Proposals are invited for fully comprised panels, for roundtable sessions, and for alternative format sessions as well. Proposals for individual papers or complete panels should be submitted to by 1 August 2022. Please limit abstracts to 500 words and include a very brief biography.

This meeting will be held on 11-14 July 2023 at the San Juan Marriott.

Why Stay at the Conference Hotel?

The conference hotel for the seventh meeting of the Defoe Society is the San Juan Marriott Resort. We hope that you will stay there, and encourage everyone to reserve your room within the conference block by 27 May 2023 by using this link.

Staying at the conference hotel is convenient, helps us all to network and catch up with each other after this terribly long hiatus, and makes it easier to reach conference leadership should you have any questions or need assistance.

The long-term health of the Defoe Society also requires that our members and attendees try to stay at the hotel if they are able to do so. When hotels contract to host conferences, in exchange for the use of their meeting facilities and the discounted room rate, they require the conference to guarantee a certain number of rooms will be used. Also, by meeting the room requirement, we are able to use the meeting rooms at reduced or no extra charge, which helps us to keep the registration costs lower. If the rooms are not filled, however, the hotel will still be paid, but from our society funds. The financial penalties can easily run to the thousands.

We signed out hotel contract pre-pandemic, when the calculations for people’s willingness and ability to travel was different. The hotel has been very willing to work with us on rescheduling the conference, but to completely cancel the contract at this point would be financially devastating because of the penalties it would incur.

We recognize that we need to re-think how we approach accessibility and conference management in the coming years, and that hybrid options are here to stay. Still, the strong majority of our members have indicated they are hoping we can meet in person in 2023. Please join us in person at the Marriott if you can.

Information for Sponsors

½ page ad in color PDF program and b/w printed program: $100
full-page ad in color PDF program and b/w printed program: $200
2-page ad in color PDF program and b/w printed program: $300
½ page ad in b/w printed program only: $50
full-page ad in b/w printed program only: $100
2-page ad in b/w printed program only: $200
Marketing flyer or other materials included in display area: $50
Listed as sponsor on our website and all conference communications: $500

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