This page contains resources related to the study of Daniel Defoe, his works, and his world, as well as the study of eighteenth-century literature more generally.


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For the current bibliography, please view the Defoe Society Bibliography on Zotero. While you can view the library without being a member, you are welcome to join the Defoe Society Bibliography Zotero group. To suggest additions to the bibliography, please email

For those of you who want access to this bibliography outside of Zotero, we downloaded the bibliography from Zotero and uploaded it: Digital Defoe (Complete List) Final 2022. Please note that this bibliography might not be the most recent version if members have emailed us with contributions we have yet to add. We will update this document when we make significant additions.

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Digital Defoe Bibliography

Click here to view a complete bibliography of all articles published in Digital Defoe, spring 2009-to present, compiled by Fahimeh Serhatti (Middle East Technical University).


Daniel Defoe Collection at McMaster University
A part of the Eighteenth Century Collection, this collection consists of materials by Daniel Defoe. First and eighteenth-century variant editions of Defoe’s works are presented. Items attributed to Defoe are also included. For more information on this collection, please visit The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections at McMaster University.

Daniel Defoe Collection at the Lilly Library, Indiana University
This online exhibition provides an overview of the types of publications written by Defoe in his lifetime. This exhibit was curated by Denise Griggs. Visit the exhibithere.

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